Welcome to the Harties Dragon Fruit Farm.

Welcome to the Harties Dragon Fruit Farm.

Our adventure into farming dragon fruit began 10 years ago on the Paper World property in the North West Province of South Africa, where we began to cultivate the Costa Rica sweet red dragon fruit variety. At present, we are proudly the biggest supplier of dragon fruit cuttings in South Africa.

Dragon fruit plants are easy to grow and as long as they have a solid support structure, they will mature. There are many added benefits to dragon fruit, besides being delicious fruit to eat. They have many healthy properties and have much nutritional value. They are packed with high concentrations of antioxidants which are necessary to boost the immune system.

Thai dragon fruit may bear fruit six times a year if they receive the proper attention. They need to be grown in well drained soil and watered once every two weeks. The soil must be left to dry between the watering periods. The plants prefer full sunshine. An interesting fact about these plants is that the produce beautiful full flowers which only open at night time and are a real treat at full moon when their exceptional beauty can be clearly seen.

Cuttings of 12-38 cm are planted in order to produce the next crop of dragon fruit. After clipping the cutting from the mother plant, it is left outside for seven to eight days to cure, namely to dry and heal. The cutting is now ready for planting. Once planted, it grows very fast, at approximately 3 cm per day. Many such plants will produce fruit within six to nine months. Three to four year old plants may produce about a 100 kg of fruit per year. The life cycle of a dragon fruit is about 20 years.

Dragon fruit farming is a most rewarding occupation and is highly recommended for those who are avid fruit farmers, as well as those looking for a holistic hobby.

We do sell cuttings and plants. If you need more info please contact Robert Nezar 082 349 9887.